Event Dates

Fri 15th March - 6:00pm
Welcome Cocktail Party at the Loxton Historical Village.

Sat 16th March - 6:30am
The Rotary Foundation Breakfast at the Loxton Hotel.

Sat 16th March - 6:30pm
Gala Dinner at Salena Estate.

Sun 17th March - 6:00am
Breakfast at Heaven

Sun 17th March at around 12:15pm
Farewell Lunch at The Loxton Club
(next door to Conference Venue)

15th - 17th March 2024
Main Venue for Conference at the Precinct Loxton.

Welcome Cocktail Party

Loxton Historical Village Friday 15th March at 6:00pm
Allen Hosking Drive, Scenic Dr, Loxton

“This will be a spectacular event, under lights,  with a range of exhibits open.

These exhibits range from firing up a couple of the stationery engines, the opportunity to experience the Blacksmith at work; visit the General Store; see the old printer at work, and perhaps have some printed memories to take home.

Village Volunteers will be about, giving opportunity to learn more about the Village and its history.

Neat casual dress is the order of the day as you enjoy drinks and a stand-up meal with your fellow delegates against a backdrop of times past.

Step back in time: to an era before TV, air conditioners and computers, when bread was baked at home in a wood-fuelled oven, milk came directly from cows to the table and when horses pulled ploughs to cultivate the land.

The Loxton Historical Village tells the stories of the region’s early settlers and their families, displayed in over 45 recreated buildings and exhibits on the banks of the mighty Murray River. All buildings and displays have been relocated or built on site, with most replicating original constructions from Loxton’s pioneering years .See how pioneers of the region transformed dry Mallee plains into lush citrus orchards and how farmers combated floods, drought, heat, rabbit plagues and devastating winds to produce some of the best cereal grain crops in the country.

Experience the settler’s lives, their churches, schools, homes and general stores.