Event Dates

Fri 15th March - 6:00pm
Welcome Cocktail Party at the Loxton Historical Village.

Sat 16th March - 6:30am
The Rotary Foundation Breakfast at the Loxton Hotel.

Sat 16th March - 6:30pm
Gala Dinner at Salena Estate.

Sun 17th March - 6:00am
Breakfast at Heaven

Sun 17th March at around 12:15pm
Farewell Lunch at The Loxton Club
(next door to Conference Venue)

15th - 17th March 2024
Main Venue for Conference at the Precinct Loxton.

The Rotary Foundation Breakfast

The LOXTON Hotel Saturday 16th March at 6:30am
45 East Terrace, Loxton

Enjoy breakfast and inspiration in the company of friends at the The Rotary Foundation Breakfast at the Loxton Hotel.
Your keynote speaker will be Annika Theodoulou – Annika is a Doctor of Philosophy in Primary Health Care student at the University of Oxford and is supported by The Rotary Foundation and the Society for the Study of Addiction.
Also – hear from some clubs in the District about their exciting outcomes as the recipients of District Foundation Grants.
And be there to recognise the generous Foundation contributions made by individuals in our District.

Established in 1908 the historic Loxton Hotel is proudly owned by the Loxton community, channeling profits back into local charities, projects and events. The magnificent and massive hotel building has been extensively renovated, ensuring a seamless blend of new modern hotel and motel accommodation, facilities and heritage areas.

You’ll soon discover why this unique, community-owned hotel is considered one of the great South Australian country hotels.