Event Dates

Fri 15th March - 6:00pm
Welcome Cocktail Party at the Loxton Historical Village.

Sat 16th March - 6:30am
The Rotary Foundation Breakfast at the Loxton Hotel.

Sat 16th March - 6:30pm
Gala Dinner at Salena Estate.

Sun 17th March - 6:00am
Breakfast at Heaven

Sun 17th March at around 12:15pm
Farewell Lunch at The Loxton Club
(next door to Conference Venue)

15th - 17th March 2024
Main Venue for Conference at the Precinct Loxton.

Rotary Soapbox

The Rotary Soapbox at the Rotary District Conference 2024 provides an opportunity for Rotary Clubs to highlight innovative ideas and projects. Speakers have 7 minutes to share their story.
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Once you have completed your request for being part of 'The Rotary Soapbox' a member of the conference committee will respond to your request. Please remember you have only 7 minutes for your presentation.