Event Dates

Fri 15th March - 6:00pm
Welcome Cocktail Party at the Loxton Historical Village.

Sat 16th March - 6:30am
The Rotary Foundation Breakfast at the Loxton Hotel.

Sat 16th March - 6:30pm
Gala Dinner at Salena Estate.

Sun 17th March - 6:00am
Breakfast at Heaven

Sun 17th March at around 12:15pm
Farewell Lunch at The Loxton Club
(next door to Conference Venue)

15th - 17th March 2024
Main Venue for Conference at the Precinct Loxton.

Conference registration for August

  • The Winner of the August Draw is Judy Oates, who is now eligible for a refund on the two Gala Dinner payments that she has made. She has been informed .

The Draw was made by PDG Bruce Richardson in the presence of the Conference Committee Members on 6th September.

  • The September Draw is available to those who register and pay for both the Conference and the Welcome Cocktail Party prior to midnight on September 30th.

  • A Draw will take place on 4th October, and the winner will be refunded the cost of the Cocktail Party.

Further information will be provided with regard to the October Draw.